We live and work in the community. We are committed to providing access to quality health care services to our Participants. In addition, Keystone First Community HealthChoices connects with the communities we serve. Through participation in community outreach events, health fairs, and neighborhood functions, we make a real difference in our Participants' lives. We lend support to, and work with, Participants and community groups to foster Participant independence by addressing issues that affect health care, including housing, transportation, community transition services, employment skills, and health education.

Together, we can support healthy living for all.

Tools for Tomorrow

Tools for Tomorrow is Keystone First CHC's job readiness series, featuring industry leaders who will give practical advice for landing the ideal job. All Keystone First CHC Participants are invited to attend.

Resources in Your Community

COVID-19 Resources

Keep your community healthy and stay up to date about news and information on COVID-19.


Here's how to use COMPASS to apply for benefits in Pennsylvania.

Technology Resources

Additional Resources in Your Community

Find resources such as food pantries, shelter, and health care based on ZIP code.

Call 211 or visit Opens a new window.

Find resources such as food pantries, shelter, and health care based on ZIP code. Opens a new window

Find a food pantry. Some locations' hours may be impacted by COVID-19. Call or email pantries to find updated information on when services are available. If you have questions, email Opens a new window. Opens a new window

A resource for those struggling with anxiety. The phone number will connect Pennsylvanians with local resources. This is available 24/7 throughout the crisis.

1-855-284-2494 (TTY 1-724-631-5600)

Get information on how to get health insurance by calling 1-877-570-3642.

Learn more about WIC benefits in Pennsylvania. Opens a new window

Rental assistance for households that:

  • Have experienced financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Are at risk of homelessness or housing instability due to this hardship Opens a new window

Applications can be taken either by county contact or by COMPASS Opens a new window. Opens a new window

Learn about applying for benefits, and get statewide COVID-19 information. Opens a new window

Sign up for or locate benefit information in Pennsylvania. Opens a new window