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Direct Claims Entry for Small to Medium Practices

Change Healthcare Provider WebConnect

Change Healthcare Provider WebConnect is a personalized, secure web service for direct claim entry. Provider WebConnect is a direct claim entry function through Keystone First CHC clearinghouse Change Healthcare.

Log on to Change Healthcare.

Benefits of using Change Healthcare Provider WebConnect

This service:

  • Assists small to medium sized practices in reducing costs.
  • Improves overall office workflow.
  • Enables your practice to manually enter CMS-1500 claims data that will be electronically submitted to Keystone First CHC at no cost.
  • Is free. Your practice does not need to purchase a practice management system.
  • Has no cost or per transaction fee typically associated with a practice management system or contracting with an EDI clearinghouse.
  • Reduces errors associated with manual claim entry.
  • Allows you to submit claim adjustments and attachments electronically.