Information in Other Languages and Formats

Keystone First CHC is committed to serving all our Participants.

Keystone First CHC has written Participant materials in languages other than English and in other formats for the visually impaired.

Other formats include Braille, audio tape, large print, compact disc (CD), DVD, computer diskette and electronic communication. These materials do not cost you any money. Please call Keystone First CHC Participant Services at 1-855-332-0729 to ask for Participant materials in another language or in other formats.

If you do not speak English, we have representatives who speak languages other than English. We can also use the Language Line Services to help you.

If your primary care practitioner (PCP) or specialist cannot provide an interpreter for your appointments, Keystone First CHC will provide an interpreter to help you.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, our TTY number is 1-855-235-4976.