CAQH Credentialing

Through the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH), you provide credentialing information to a single repository, via a secure internet site, to fulfill the credentialing requirements of all health plans that participate with CAQH. Keystone First CHC's goal is to have our all of providers* enrolled with CAQH.

There is no cost to providers to submit applications and participate in CAQH.

Keystone First CHC has entered into an agreement with CAQH to offer our providers the Universal Provider Datasource that simplifies and streamlines the data collection process for credentialing and re-credentialing.

*Please note: CAQH credentialing does not apply to HCBS and LTSS providers. HCBS and LTSS providers should complete our paper application process.

Fax all applicable items on the application checklist, including IRS Form W-9 (PDF), to 1-877-759-6221. Or, you may scan your signed documents and submit them by secure email to Please be sure to scan the application checklist and fax or email it along with the documents.

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